Major Appeals

The Silver Star Society has, over the last 30 years, raised nearly £1million.  This has been used to buy clinical equipment – for example, four ultrasound scanners, funded the much praised Family Rooms, now in constant use on Level 6,  provided Midwifery Bursaries, supported research into pre-eclampsia, purchased 14 dropdown beds for Levels 5 & 6, provided a new Gynae couch for Level 1 plus lots more.

Our aim in 2018 was to purchase and install 6 CTG monitors here on Level 6. The monitors help to detect problems with your unborn babies.

We have already successfully raised £25,000 to buy 4 of these monitors and the network needed to run the machines.

In January 2019 our patron, Clare Mackintosh, the international best-selling author very kindly donated £10,000 from her latest book A Cotswold Family Life, enabling us to order a further three monitors. 

We are the first in the world with a totally integrated computerised heart rate testing system for women not yet in labour, what a magnificent achievement for the Silver Star Society and you our wonderful supporters.

Our appeal for 2019-2020 is now to purchase 6 more monitors for the Observation Area & MAU 

Smaller Appeals

We are compiling a shopping list of equipment that is needed for the Maternity wards.  When it is complete we will publish it here along with the amount we need to raise by item.

Items we would like to purchase for the Level 6 ward include:

Sonic Aids – £408 x 2

Out patient area – furniture - 

Counselling Rooms refurbishment - 

If you would like to raise money for a particular item, something that perhaps you have used extensively while in the care of Silver Star please get in touch and let us know your fundraising plans.