Society Team

Maggie Findlay is the part-time paid Administrator of the Silver Star Society. She manages Silver Star on a day-to-day basis and coordinates the fundraising events.

The rest of the committee is then made up of around half a dozen members of the Silver Star Society. Generally speaking it is those that have benefitted from its care in one form or another. The committee work with Maggie to organize and staff the events, raise funds and awareness and to ensure the Society’s future for the next generation of people who will need its services.

They meet a few times a year to discuss Silver Star activities and plan for the regular events.

As the Silver Star Society is part of the Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Charity Funds there is no need for the full range of committee member posts. However there is a chairperson; Placi O’Neill-Espejo, a role which she has held for approximately 4 years now.