Professor Chris Redman; MB BChir MA Camb, MA Oxf, FCRP, FRCOG

Professor Redman graduated from Cambridge University and after short appointments in Baltimore (USA), Oxford and Sheffield he embarked upon work which has led to his present research interests in pre-eclampsia and fetal heart rate monitoring. He has worked at Oxford University since 1970 first as a lecturer in the Regius Department of Medicine then in the Nuffield Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.He is one of a very small number of physicians with a specialist interest in medical problems of pregnancy. He started the Silver Star Unit in the 1970s in Oxford which was the first Obstetric Medicine Unit in the UK with dedicated obstetric and midwifery staff.

He retired in 2009 and is now Emeritus Professor of Obstetric Medicine. He was also President of the International Society for the Study of Hypertension in Pregnancy.

He founded Action on Pre-eclampsia (APEC) in 1991 with Isabel Walker, medical journalist and author. With her, he co-authored the book “Pre-eclampsia the Facts” published by Oxford University Press.

Maggie Findlay

I first heard of the Silver Star Society when I started working on Level 6 in 2004. At that time I worked in the Silver Star office preparing notes for all the clinics. June Jennings who worked in the CTG room and who many of you will know persuaded me to join the committee running the events. After a year or so Nicola the Silver Star Secretary left and I applied for the job and was lucky enough to get it. That was in 2005 and here I am, still here!My job is very varied and no 2 days are the same. I look after all our wonderful supporters, encourage others to join the society and look at ways we can fundraise to ensure that we provide the very best care we can to Oxfordshire Mums and their babies. It is such a rewarding job, often stressful when trying to organise events, but worth it when we raise enough money to purchase a piece of equipment that will help staff and our patients.

The Family Rooms opened in November 2007 was a huge project to take on. Professor Redman recognised the need for these rooms for our patients and their families. I was extremely proud to be part of the team that managed to finish the rooms on time and on budget. The rooms have helped many families in times of great need and they really are a wonderful asset to Level 6.

And so I continue to fundraise to ensure the future of the Silver Star Society and the Unit remains in place to look after Mums and their unborn babies here in Oxford.

Placi O’Neill-Espejo

I am Placi O’Neill-Espejo, a Silver Star Mum who had the fortune of being looked after by the staff at the Clinic 8 years ago when I was pregnant with my son Conor. Having a genetic condition meant that I was at high risk of having a thrombosis throughout my pregnancy and also that my baby was at risk of not growing well in my tummy. Having the wonderful, caring and experienced staff at Silver Star looking after me in the weekly clinics and later on in the delivery unit and maternity floor meant that I felt safe during those months which, yes, became worrying for me but to a point I could enjoy as I knew I was in good hands.A couple of years ago I was asked to become the Chairperson of the Society which is a fantastic vehicle of fundraising for the Clinics and Unit so that new equipment can be bought, bursaries can be given for research and modern and new facilities can be provided to the mums, their families and eventually all the beautiful newborns.

I would like to encourage all to help in any way, shape or form that they can, even if it means facing a fear for heights, like I did a couple of years ago when I did the abseil for Silver Star, there are plenty of mums and babies that will benefit from any funding we secure for the Society.