True Life – Silver Star Story

We aim to publish a new story each quarter; this is obviously dependent on whether families are willing to share their experiences.

If you are willing to share your true-life Silver Star experience/story of birth and being a Silver Star Mum or Dad then please get in touch with us.   We would love to include your experience on our website/in our newsletter.

Kelly’s story 

“Are you mad?” was the most common response I had from people when I announced my second pregnancy! My first pregnancy it is fair to say, wasn’t the smoothest.

I have sarcoidosis which really shouldn’t cause any problems during pregnancy, if anything it should get better as it’s an immune disorder however this wasn’t the case for me. I also developed gestational diabetes requiring insulin, dreadful pelvic girdle pain, pregnancy induced hypertension as well as a few other curve balls along the way. I spent a great deal of time in Silver Star as a result of all of these things.

My husband says he reckons it was about 3 months in total of what was an 8 month long pregnancy if you add up all of the admissions! I knew the menu inside and out and which takeaway places deliver. Molly was born at 35+6 and a little time in SCBU later

she was home. Post pregnancy, I got ill again, this time with my sarcoidosis and was admitted to hospital at least 3 times in the first year. I had just got well again, having lost 3 stone put on during illness

and pregnancy when I fell pregnant again. Second time around though was a completely different story.

I had some morning sickness, and ok did get viral meningitis at 18 weeks but I spent just a couple of nights in hospital

as a result of the pregnancy. I had no diabetes, no hypertension and even managed to lose a few pounds whilst pregnant. Maddison was born by C-section at 40+6 and less than 48 hours later I was home and I can safely say that the second child is a lot easier

than the first!

The care I received on Level 6 from the Silver Star team was amazing, even down to the housekeeper remembering I had a ‘thing’ for egg mayo sandwiches! Had it not have been for this supportive team of fantastic individuals I’m not sure I would even have contemplated having a second child. Knowing

they were there for us as a family meant we didn’t think twice and couldn’t have done it without them. In fact, I want number 3 but have to work on hubby first!”

Kelly's children, Molly and Maddison