Silver Star Babies

In order to respect our patients privacy we no longer print your baby’s name in our newsletter or on the website as a matter of course.

If you would like to have your baby’s name printed then please fill in the online form or complete the consent form below and email/post to us at the Silver Star office.

Baby Name Consent Form

We feel that this is a lovely feature on our website and in our newsletter and a really visual representation of the number of babies born with the help of Silver Star highlighting the work of the Unit on level 6 and the Society. However, we do understand if you prefer not to have your baby/babies name(s) printed.

Here are our babies born over the last 6 months!

Jessica Rose Patterson
17th October 2014 5lb 3 1/4oz

Raiya Ashley Devine
19th October 2014 1.8kg

Stanley James Haddrell
8th November 2014 8lb 14oz

Amelie Amy Clark
18th November 2014 10lbs 15.5oz

Samuel Robert Hirst
11th November 2014 4lb 8oz

Mollie Eve Rees
14th November 2014 8lb 111/2 oz

Wynter Lily Milsom-Taylor
20th November 2014 8lb 12oz

Ailish Maisie Colquhoun
22nd November 2014 5lb 5oz

Baby Girl Hayward
28th November 2014 2.25kg

Finley Carter
6th Dec 2014 7lbs 15ozs

Joshua Johnathan Michael Ashton
12th December 2014 8lb 12oz

Evelyn Louise Farrell
31st December 2014 2lb 14oz

Dominic Forster
5th January 2015 3.61kg

Liyana Al-Hamdi
6th January 2015 6lb 10oz

Lola Dickerson
6th January 2015 5lb 12oz

Harry Haycock
26th March 2015 8lb 5ozs

Rory Robert Cowell
7th January 2015 4.56 kg

Mia Rutter
7th January 2015 7lb 7oz

Rory Robert Cowell
7th January 2015 4.56 kg

Tehya Roberts
9th January 2015 6lb 1oz

Rosie Kit Roots-Petty
9th January 2015 3.15kg

George David Care Forbes
14th January 2015 6lb 1oz

Jayden Earnshaw
16th January 2015 2.55kg

Lilly-May Craske
17th January 2015 2.25kg

Mohammed Zafran
26th January 2015 7lbs 2oz

Alfie Hackett
30th January 2015 3405g

Brooke Anna Braithwaite
31st January 2015 4lb 2oz

Darcie-Rae Joy Ayers
31st January 2015 4lb 4oz

Eli Tomos Francis Leeson Brooks
1st February 2015 6lbs 1oz

Baby Sackey
2nd February 2015 3480g

Felicia Cole
3rd February 2015 8lb 61/2oz

Jaiden Sahota
3rd February 2015 4lb 9oz

Sadie Lewis
3rd February 2015 5lb 1oz

Fleur Celine Rodger Ashworth
5th February 2015

Harry Michael O’Sullivan
6th February 2015 6lb 3 1⁄2 oz

Bethan Davies
7th February 2015 6lb 3oz

Ben William Gaskell
8th February 2015 8lb 1oz

Emma Davies
18th February 2015 3480g

Phoebe Szmajduch
23rd February 2015 3650g

Imogen Lily Mackenzie-King
26th February 2015 7lb 10oz

Teddy David Peter Lax
27th February 2015 6lb 1oz

Otis Ellis Clarke Iley
15th March 2015 9lb 4oz

Teddy Price
18th March 2015 7lbs 14oz

Kyden Byles
18th March 2015 9lb 4 1⁄2 ozs

Jack Ikin
23rd March 2015 7lbs 4ozs

Isabella Rose Brown
24th March 2015 1lb 9oz

Aditya Datta
30th March 2015 2.410kg

Lacey Mae Rossiter
15th April 2015 4lb 15oz

Dawn Watts
14th April 2015 6 1/2lbs

Niamh Owen
24th April 2015 7lbs 6oz

Names not previously recorded

Albert Henry Mackenzie-King
1st January 2014 3lb 15oz

Clara Ann Atkins
13th March 2014 7lb 10oz

Hunter Le Tissier
28th March 2014 4lbs 12oz

Hendrix Le Tissier
28th March 2014 5lbs 2oz

Jamie Mitchell-Biswell
15th August 2014 8lb 9oz 

The next newsletter / list of baby names that will be published is October 2013, please ensure that you have emailed your baby’s details or sent in the consent form before then.