This supports fund raising by the Silver Star Society.  The Society is a relatively small group of patients, who have benefited from the care, offered in the Silver Star Unit, of the Women’s Centre, at the John Radcliffe Hospital.

The Silver Star Unit has grown from small beginnings to meet the needs of parents who have extraordinary and sometimes apparently insoluble difficulties in having their children, not because of fertility problems, but owing to repetitive miscarriages or other pregnancy losses from pre-eclampsia (toxaemia of pregnancy), placental bleeding or placental failure.  Last year over 500 women delivered in the Unit.  The came from a wide area, attracted by the special facilities and skills.

The Unit has pioneered new methods of monitoring and management, which are now used worldwide.  Because it is innovative there is a constant need for new equipment or other facilities that, to begin with, are not considered to be part of the basic requirements for clinical care.  The Silver Star Appeal underpins these requirements.

The Silver Star Society has, over 20 years, raised nearly £1million.  This has been used to buy clinical equipment – for example, four ultrasound scanners, in addition we have funded the much praised Family Rooms, now in constant use on Level 6,  provided Midwifery Bursaries, supported research into pre-eclampsia.

We hope to be able to purchase 2 new drop down beds for Level 5. These beds will enable partners of patients to stay overnight and give emotional & practical support. We have already bought 10 which are proving to be very popular.