The Trust

Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Charitable Funds is an independent registered Charity (Registered Charity number 1057295), which exists to raise, receive, manage and distribute donations for the benefit of the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust.

The Charity was established by Declaration of Trust in July 1996, the Trustee at that time being a corporate body. In April 2003 an independent board of Trustees was appointed under Section 11 of the NHS & Community Care Act 1990. These independent Trustees manage the assets of the Charity and comply with all current statutory requirements, the requirements of the Charity’s governing document and of SORP 2005.

The Charity is made up of nearly 600 different funds and each has a specific purpose. This may be to benefit a particular area of the hospital or medical service, to support a research project or to fund certain training and development services for clinical staff. All money received by the Charity is placed in these individual funds and held on trust by the Trustees to ensure that the wishes of our donors are honoured.

Each fund has a Fund Advisor (usually a member of staff with specialist knowledge in the relevant area) who is responsible for managing the fund on behalf of the Trustees and ensuring that the money is spent appropriately, in accordance with charity law and in line with the wishes of the donor and for public benefit. The Fund Advisors liaise with the central Charitable Funds Department and receive monthly financial statements, guidance information and ongoing support and advice from the Charitable Funds team.

The Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals NHS Trust merged with the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre NHS Trust on 1st November 2011 to become the Oxford University Hospitals NHS Trust. The ORH Charitable Funds charity and NOC General Charity merged on 21st March 2012 under the name of Oxford Radcliffe Hospitals Charitable Funds.