The Silver Star Society

The Silver Star Society was founded in 1986/87 by a group of parents who got to know one another as they waited for the births of their babies.  We have just had a lovely message from John and Margaret recounting their story and the founding of the Silver Star Society.  Read it here and view a couple of pictures of their girls in the Where are they Now? section.

The Founding of Silver Star

We are still parents and friends who have benefited from Silver Star Care and want to help it to make it even better.

With our families and friends, with staff members and other amazing people we fundraise for the Silver Star Unit. Fundraising means annual Summer and Christmas Parties, jumble sales, raffles, coffee mornings, fun runs, and sponsoring or even running in our Silver Star London Marathon Team. We need new ideas and new members. We need you! Then the sky’s the limit!

Over two decades, we have raised more than £1,000,000. We have provided several Ultrasound scanners, a high dependency bed for very sick mothers and hand-held baby monitors.

We created the two magnificent family rooms on Level 6, where those with extra needs can enjoy privacy and en-suite facilities with a partner or supporting family member.

We help our midwives attend meetings and conferences. We support local research into important pregnancy problems, particularly pre-eclampsia. We help by bridging gaps in funding research staff and by buying important equipment.

Your support allows us to continue these fantastic achievements and has made the Silver Star Research Team international leaders in their field. Professors Chris Redman continues to travel the world lecturing extensively about what he has learnt over almost 50 years.