Oxfordshire mums to be with difficult pregnancies benefit from the funds raised by the supporters of the Silver Star Society. There are two fabulous Family Rooms on the Silver Star Unit, level 6 at the John Radcliffe hospital, of the Women’s Centre.  These allow families who have had complicated pregnancies and/or difficult labours to be together, to try and make sense of what has occurred and to start the healing process.  Some of the fundraising money gets spent on the maintenance of these family rooms to keep them in tip top condition.

During the last 18 months the Silver Star Society has purchased a water & ice machine to enable patients & staff access to chilled water & ice 24hrs a day. Hydration is a must for staff as well as patients.

The arrival of 2 “wiskaway” beds a month ago was welcomed by Staff. The beds were installed into 2 side rooms and enable partners to stay with the expectant Mum. There is anecdotal evidence that a woman who is admitted for Induction of labour and has the full support of her partner will have a better experience, will labour efficiently and be less traumatised by the experience. Partners can also provide extra support after birth.

Midwifery Bursaries 2014 – 2015

Name of Study Day/Conference Cost Date attended
Obstetrics in ICU £100 01/06/2015
Diabetes UK Conference £344 01/03/2015
Renal Disease & Pregnancy £95 01/10/2014
Developing The Ward Managers Role £318 01/03/2014
Developing The Ward Managers Role £318 01/03/2014
Medical Disorders in Pregnancy £30 01/09/2014
APEC Study Day £90 01/11/2014
APEC Study Day £90 01/11/2014


The Outpatients waiting area on Level 6 can be a very busy place, with clinic waiting times long. The charity at the behest of Sue Alcock, Silver Star Manager purchased a fabulous activity table with a built in train set. This has proved highly popular and has helped to occupy the young ones while Mum is being cared for. We have on order a TV & DVD unit which we can use to entertain children in that waiting area.

A blood pressure monitor and a sonic aid are on order for the DAU area. We asked the Midwives what equipment would really help them in their day to day lives. They chose these 2 items which we hope will arrive very soon.

Furniture was also purchased by the charity for the “Quiet Room”. This room is a sanctuary away from the clinic area where staff can talk to parents who need extra support and privacy.

On Level 5 this year 2 ensuite rooms were refurbished and the charity agreed to fund fridges & TV’s for these lovely rooms to provide a home from home environment for patients & their partners.

Our hope for the future is to fund more equipment, and provide support to all Maternity services here in Oxford.